Monday, October 4, 2010

He speaks.

this past sunday night we talked about hearing the voice of God, emphasizing that he does speak to us. it's amazing. the Lord speaks to us, just as he did to the ones we read about in the Bible.

we talked about the keys to hearing God. we discussed a lot: being still, being desperate, being surrounded by the godly, being obedient, etc.

but i think the main key to hearing God is simply to expect to hear Him. the God of the Bible moves on behalf of His people's faith and expectancy. if we believe that He will speak to us, that He desires to speak to us, that we will hear Him, that we won't be satisfied until we hear Him, etc, then it will be so.

‎"The key to reaching your potential and extraordinary success begins with the discipline to hear His voice. I dare you to fill the voids with something greater than yourself to walk into a powerful destiny designed for you that no man in all his brilliance, charm, or good could ever dream to accomplish in his own strength. Be changed by a gracious God."

1 comment:

  1. Awesome encouragement! Definitely something I should dwell on today. Thanks for sharing!

    I was blog-hopping when I stumbled onto here. I've enjoyed reading many of the posts :D


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