Thursday, December 16, 2010

a few things...

a few things that are making me smile today...

1. LOFT loves teachers.
for all you educators out there, you'll very much enjoy this teacher appreciation deal from ann taylor loft. i recently found out and signed up right away (although i cannot receive the discount until i am officially licensed.). basically, if you are an educator, you can get 15% off all merchandise any time you shop at ann taylor loft (in stores only). all you have to do is sign up, print the coupon they provide, and present your coupon and a valid school i.d. when you shop. in addition to getting a discount, you can collaborate with other educators and share classroom and fashion ideas in their forum. click here to see for yourself! j crew also offers a 15% discount for educators and students, which i love even more!

2. archer farms. one of my favorite grocery brands that can only be found at target. todays breakfast: gingerbread pancakes. todays lunch:  frozen flatbread pizza with tomatoes and goat cheese. yummm.

3. being as lazy as these sweet puppies.

4. tonights christmas get together for staff members at church.

5. christmas music. i wont even try to pick a favorite song because it's impossible.

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