Tuesday, August 16, 2011

yellow springs.

a student i mentor introduced me to the cutest hippie town today. now im wishing i took more pictures, because these dont do the place justice. yellow springs is a wonderful little town with woods, downtown restaurants, cafes, bakeries, and shops. 

lunch today was from ha ha pizza. they custom make their pizza from scratch. i had a whole grain crust with tomatoes, mushrooms, and feta cheese for my toppings :)

antique, hand-made, and pottery shops and a little shed that cooks roasted nuts :)

thinking i am going to need to bring boo to this patio restaurant.

this was the cutest store, called "heaven on earth" with one of a kind finds. i scored a pair of pretty brown leather heels for $12. they have everything!

i cant wait to go back! it was the perfect way to spend a free summer day, since those are quickly coming to an end!


  1. Aww! So wish I could go there! And $12 heels? Steal!

  2. So fun...I've heard of Yellow Springs, but haven't made it there. Now it's definitely on my list of places to visit. :)


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