Monday, November 1, 2010

every single moment is undeniably beautiful.

 it's the little things that matter most.
 i want to wear the longest dress in the world and stand on top of a spiraling staircase and just look desperately beautiful...what a difficult life ;)
when i have time, i am going to create the perfect, homemade, strawberry layered cake...mmm my favorite :)

 haha these kitties crack me up <3
 i'll have some hot chocolate with my marshmallows, please.
 loving this quote. thinking about it.
they are simply gorgeous.

graceful <3

time for tea <3

the beauty of simplicity.


  1. That Hot Chocolate looks heavenly right now, especially since most of the trees in my area are starting to look like skeletons, which means winter!

  2. ahh i know!! hot chocolate makes winter much more bearable :)


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