Tuesday, November 30, 2010

a whirlwind

life has been a whirlwind of chaos, growth, love, and thankfulness. there is no doubt that i have been very stressed out at times, but i know that my life is very blessed. 

thanksgiving was perfect. we all went to a big & beautiful white house that sits on eleven acres of peacefulness. this is the house my husband grew up in and my side of the family came to celebrate too. not only did my side of the family come, but all the other parents of all the other inlaws in the family came as well. it was perfect! 

sunday night at veritas (the name for our sunday night youth service. it is latin for "truth") brian gave a message on taking communion. he explained that jesus commanded us to take it and remember his sacrifice for us...to never take it lightly. it is to be greatly revered, but there is also such a joy in taking it. before the message we sat on the floor around a huge table and ate dinner together, like jesus and his disciples did at the last supper. while eating, we passed paper around and wrote something encouraging on each person's paper. after fellowship and the message, communion was offered to take as the spirit led us while we participated in worship. it was a special night :)

jason, emilee, and peyton were back from nigeria for a good five weeks and it was wonderful. peyton is adorable and full of personailty...i love that she is my niece! for christmas, brian and i gave her some character books from the little miss sunshine series: "little miss chatterbox" and "little miss fun." they describe her too well! they are all leaving to go back to nigeria today and saying goodbye last night was sad. they are doing so many wonderful things in nigeria though. 

yesterday brian and i celebrated being married for six amazing months. i cannot believe it has gone so fast. i love him so much! at dinner last night we started talking about christmas traditions that we want to start and we both got very excited.

CHRISTMAS!!! it is upon us. unfortunately, the next two weeks i will be scrambling to get final projects done as well as prepare for final exams. but after december 15th, i am a free woman....until the second week of january. i cannot wait to celebrate and treasure every second of the holidays this year. i looove giving gifts so i am having fun putting gifts together! this is such a fun time of year and i hope you are loving it as well :)

i didn't anticipate writing so much, but it just kind of happened! now i am off to class to give a presentation on one of emily dickinson's poems... hope everyone has a lovely evening :)

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