Wednesday, April 13, 2011

feelin' good :)

this week is awesome. the school i teach in on tuesdays and thursdays is on spring break, my class this morning was optional, and i have been saving my "skip" days that i am pretty much i had class on monday and i won't be going back until next monday! not bad...not bad at all.

so today i am spending this beautiful day all dolled up for no reason, sipping on a smoothie at kidd coffee with boo while he works. i am proud to say that i cranked out seven pages here for one of my papers due next wednesday. i still have more to write, but i am feeling good....or as michael buble is singing to me right now, "i'm feeeeeeling gooood" :)

i would like to get your all's opinion on something. i'm always looking for inspiration on topics to discuss in my small groups. the students have given me some ideas, and i have a few ideas up my own sleeve, but if you were in a small group, what would you want to discuss? where would you want to grow spiritually? ultimately, i pray about what the Lord's desire is for these groups, but i like to hear as many ideas and opinions as possible. 

so, that being said, as a woman of God, what does your heart long for? 


  1. Gotta love those extended times off! A smoothie sounds perfect right now as well =D What kind did you get? Hmm... Back in high school I think our Bible study was mostly on guy-girl relationships, fashion/modesty, true beauty... typical girl stuff. But I think I wished we had talked more about pursuing Jesus, and what were the practical applications of that. I loved the study we did on Crazy Love my senior year.

  2. i got a strawberry bomb smoothie... my favorite! i always order the same one because i just dont think any other flavor could measure up! thanks so much for your ideas, those are wonderful. a study on crazy love would be awesome!! :D

  3. Days off and smoothie time? It is spring! :)


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