Wednesday, April 6, 2011

random musings.

life has been a little crazy... good, but overwhelming. 
summer vacation is a month out and there is much to be done before then.
so i apologize if i am a tad MIA within the next few weeks.
i am realizing more and more how being a teacher is such a ministry... 
and that is what keeps me going.
so many students need Love poured into them and i am learning how to do that.
i am also realizing how much i can learn from eight year olds. 
there is a little girl in my class who is going through a horrible situation.
yet she openly professes Jesus and never fails to have the biggest smile on her face.
i see the Holy Spirit and His joy inside of her... and wow.
He is limitless and even reveals Himself through tiny little girls.

have you ever realized how much you can learn from a little one? 


  1. Aww! I'll be praying for that little girl too! And I love that picture! Those four words are just an awesome reminder =D

  2. thanks so much natalie, i really appreciate your prayers for her!


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