Thursday, May 5, 2011

best day ever.

i dont know if today could have been any better:

1. my morning, which consisted of eating blackberry cobbler and talking about/trying on our new spring line of dresses at work. sweets & fashion (especially dresses): right up my alley.

2. me, a heated blanket, two snuggly labrador retrievers that compete for my affection, and a nap...perfection.

3. a gorgeous day consisting of driving with the windows down and the radio good and loud.

4. my summer starting TODAY!

5. finding out i no longer have to take another literature course next semester.

6. attending an athletes in action event tonight and hearing two wonderful athletes share their stories and be inducted into the AIA hall of faith...very cool.

hope you found your thursday to be just as blessed :)

1 comment:

  1. So jealous of you right now. My last day is Tuesday... and it's not getting here fast enough for my liking! Mmm! I love cobbler! Definitely one of my favorite summer desserts =)


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