Friday, May 27, 2011

one year.

boo and i leave in approximately twelve hours for chicago. why are we going you ask? why to celebrate ONE YEAR of MARRIAGE of course! i have been a wifey for a whole year (well, it'll be a year on the 29th, but since i'll be livin it up in chi-town, i won't be able to post on the actual day). and boo has been the most godly, loving, protective, freakin-most-hillarious-man-you'll-ever meet-in-your-life, sacrificial husband that ever lived. we have grown in so many ways together and i cannot believe it has already been an entire year. i have never learned so much about Christ, love, my sinful nature, and forgiveness as i have in the past 365 days. marriage is all this and more. a lot like this post, which i wrote some time ago, but  am still unfolding the revelation of. 

i was reading about william and catherine booth, an amazing husband and wife team who started the salvation army. a quote about them and their lives said "each individually may have accomplished little in their lifetimes, but when God brought them together, they so complimented each other's strengths that they became a powerful force for God." this is what i want to be. i want to be a team who takes the kingdom of God by force and glorifies Christ in everything. 

we had "one year" pictures done by corynne olivia photography. corynne is only a sophomore in high school and is phenomenal (hey, you should check out her blog!). have a looksie at this sneak peak of our photo shoot. 

(uhhh, my strap broke here so i had to make this a strapless dress until i can fix it!)

happy anniversary to my best friend :)


so this post is extremely mushy. sorry im not sorry, okay? there is still so much i need to do. finishing packing and our playlist for the car being a few. but more importantly, i need to sleep. a girl needs to get her beauty sleep for the mister :)


  1. no need to be sorry! I love these kinds of posts! Especially right now since our anniversary is also this Sunday! Yay for 5/29/2010!

  2. Congrats...your wedding was beautiful. Doesn't time fly when you are a Mrs? Haha. Can't wait to read your blogs about your trip...since we never see eachother in real life!

  3. Aww! Love this! Happy Anniversary to you two! Hope you get something chocolaty to celebrate! =D


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