Thursday, June 2, 2011

aloe, chinese takeout, and a good book.

i might as well be taking a bath in a tub full of aloe. 

that's what i feel like doing right now.

yesterday i thought it'd be a good idea to lay out at the pool "just for a little bit." well a little bit turned into two hours, and this is a lot of sun for someone who hasn't gotten any in nine months. and so i look like a lobster. all over. except for my face because luckily my face lotion has spf 15 in it. but clearly i missed a spot when applying it as there is a streak of red down my nose.

so today has been all about soaking in aloe, eating chinese takeout, and reading "as sure as the dawn" by francine rivers. it's the third book in her mark of the lion series and i can't put it down. it's been awhile since ive been really into a book so i am excited. i am hoping my burn will fade before i go into work here in a hour, but that's doubtful :)

have a fantastic day everyone and wear sunscreen


  1. I love, love, love that series!!! I actually just re-read the first book a few months ago. Sorry about your sun burn, no fun.

  2. Aww! Sorry you got sunburn! That's no fun. But it does provide a great excuse to get Chinese take-out =D

  3. I know you're in pain...but other than the burn, that day sounds perfect. Chinese food, a good book, being still in a bathtub (maybe not of gel...) Feel better!


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