Thursday, June 30, 2011

the little things.

one of the healthiest things to do, to kindle your love for your Creator, and just to keep you sane, is to remember God's blessings. not in the cliche, "count your blessings" way, but to actually recall the ways that God has recently pursued you on an individual level. God knows my heart and the things that make it swell with joy & sigh with peace... and now that i am sitting and actually have time to reflect, i am rejoicing over numerous kisses from heaven that i have received:

*a starry summer night...there is something about summer nights that i love
*the smell of fresh laundry
*gorgeous evening skies complete with pinks, purples, oranges & marshmallow clouds
*the baby rabbit that stood just feet outside my back door and stared at my cousin, sister, and i as we set the table for dinner...he stood there for a good five minutes...he was so cute and tiny.
*handwritten letters
*the inspiration and wisdom of a nine year old
*the words that i need being spoken to me

He knows just what i need...He is the true lover of my soul. it's the little things, people. 


  1. Amen sister. Summer nights are simply the best! After this week Drew and I will be finished with our summer camps so we can start talking about our double date. :)

  2. Gorgeous sunsets, handwritten notes, summer nights... so good. =) And it's nice to know I'm not the only one who love the scent of clean laundry! =D


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