Sunday, March 4, 2012

dr. suess day!

dr. suess day on friday was a success. the students claimed that it was "the best day ever." we really did have so much fun. we read several stories and did activities to go along with each story. 

here are just a few of the activities we did! as always, i wish i had taken more pictures of our day!

after reading "there's a wocket in my pocket," we created our own characters to put inside our pockets. i was so impressed by what some of the students came up with! i think school needs more opportunities like this for students to be creative and imaginative. 

after reading "one fish, two fish, red fish, blue fish," we passed out a baggie of colored goldfish and each student made a pictograph of their fish. 

we  made "specks" from "horton hears a who" to hand out to the students. we wrapped floral tape around pencils and glued large pompoms on top, and glued teensy pompoms on top of those. the students absolutely loved them! 

we also did lots of word work and writing activities with dr. suess words and of course i passed out the green eggs and ham treats i made! 

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