Saturday, March 10, 2012

living room additions & more pictures.

it has been so much fun adding decorations to our living room. for my birthday my parents gave me a gift card to anthropologie. that and a hefty employee discount scored me this gorgeous chair that used to be in our fitting room... i cant believe that it is now in our home!! it definitely brightens up the room. 

i also scored these beautiful decanters. they remind me of arabian lamps or vintage perfume bottles. they were perfect to display on the coffee table tray that i made!  

this semester i have been waking up at 5:30 even though i don't have to leave until 7:30. instead of rushing out the door like i used to do, i come down and spend time in our living room drinking coffee, listening to music, reading, pinning, and just setting my heart at rest before the day. it has been so nice and i love being surrounded by all the colors. 

i've seen lots of open shelving for dishes and mugs on pinterest and decorating blogs and have decided that i love it. our living room has a baker's rack that was left here and it has been nice to display my coffee mugs and trinkets also saves us lots of cabinet space in the kitchen which is a huge plus. 

i love all of my mismatched coffee mugs and dont ever want a matching set...most of my mugs are tied to a memory and the mismatching pops of color make the room and each cup of coffee a little brighter :) 

also, i am so thankful that it is almost SPRING! it practically feels like it...our forecast for the next ten days is the 60s and 70s...i saw that and put my winter coats away :)

hope the rest of your weekend is a restful one. 


  1. Love the mismatched mugs idea Courtney! Your living room is very inviting too with the new decor and furniture... makes me want to drink a mug of tea and sink into a book =)

  2. My mom will be inspired to collect more mugs if she sees this.

  3. I love that, love, love it! I can't wait to see it in person when we come over for our date night. I'll be in North Carolina next weekend, but maybe we can get it on the calendar before March is over. It's flying by!

  4. I love love your mug cup collection!!

  5. you are so adorable! im dyyyying to see your house! next time i come home? brett and i miss you! i LOVE you.

  6. No. No. No way! I have loved that chair since forever...or at least since it first popped up in the store. How awesome for you! It looks lovely in your space! =)
    Kristina J.


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