Saturday, January 29, 2011

awkward & awesome saturday!

  • having to attend a symphony for a class...and sitting in front of a man who continually hacks up his lungs and other things throughout the concert. all i can think is i hope you are covering your mouth. gross.
  • at that same symphony...i come to realize that people clap a lot at symphonies. this got tiring after while, so after the 98457th round of applause i decide not to clap. the lady next to me looks at me and starts clapping as loudly as possible while giving me the stink eye. 
  • walking around wal-mart looking for clothespins. seriously, where are they? i politely ask a wal-mart staff where they are located...only for him to inform me that he did not actually work at wal-mart, but that he was just a normal customer like me. i can feel my face getting hot. just walk away quickly...

  • this photographer & her blog: i absolutely adore her style & photos!
  • lunch with a beautiful high school student who loves the Lord
  • shopping with little sister and driving her home to find mom baking valentine cookies :)
  • being done with the first half of a project for school
  • saturday morning snuggling with boo...and how hawt he looks in this picture. i almost cant even take it.  

happy saturday to everyone!


  1. mmm! Cookies sound amazing right now :D You two are so adorable!

  2. why thank you :) the cookies were to die for...1 because they were delicious and 2 because they were pink hearts!


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