Friday, July 15, 2011

stuffed blueberry & cream cheese croissants.

WARNING: these will make you fat. if you don't care, keep reading. if you do, then exit this page now while there is still time. save yourself. 

so tonight i am having a blueberry party. some girls will come over, they'll wear blue, and they'll bring a dish with blueberries in it. i really wanted to make something atypical, so i came up with these blueberry and cream cheese croissants. super easy and very, very fattening. if you're sure you want the recipe, please continue, but there's still time to back out. 


  1.  a package of pillsbury croissant dinner rolls
  2. a container of whipped philadelphia cream cheese
  3. a bag of powdered sugar
  4. a package of fresh blueberries
  5. cinnamon

go ahead and preheat your oven to 350 degrees. take your cream cheese and put it in a bowl for mixing.

add your desired amount of powdered sugar. this depends on how sweet you'll want your filling. i used almost as much powdered sugar as i did cream cheese :-D then add a dash of cinnamon. 
mix it up real good. 

on a sprayed sheet, spread out your crescents into triangles. 

put the desired amount of cream cheese onto your crescents. do you like your desserts exploding with creaminess? then be generous with your filling. do you like your desserts petite and pretty? then a little dollop with do.

stick blueberries onto cream cheese helping.

fold up crescents to cover filling, top with a little cinnamon, and bake for 12-15 minutes! 

and voila, you're ready to indulge :)


  1. YUM! I'll take a few, and then a new treadmill too! =D

  2. Those look so yummy...and a blueberry party?! That is so cute...I want to see pictures of you girls in blue. :)

  3. woman, you will kill me . . . but it will be oh so sweet ;)

  4. This is not only the cutest idea ever, but the tastiest. And full of antioxidants! I want to crash that party so badly.

  5. I made some of these, but with tofutti non-dairy cream cheese. They came out amazing and decadent! Thanks for the recipe!


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