Tuesday, July 12, 2011


i am very interesting sometimes, because when most people feel overwhelmed with thoughts and ideas, they just need to spill them out. i am the kind of girl that when this happens to me, i just have no idea where to start, and so, many times, i just don't. so it's not that i haven't had anything to write about, it's just that i always have many things to write about, and honestly, it takes too much time and effort to organize my thoughts. 

so nothing deep or intriguing today, just thankful for a day filled with mango yagoot, moms, sisters, friends, breast cancer survivors, and intense july heat. summer is a dream. 

hope your summer is refreshing. 


  1. I've had so much running around my brain lately too, and I haven't got a clue where to begin! I keep trying to force myself to blog about it, but I can't get it to come out in the right way... yet. And it is insanely hot. The heat index for today was 115 with the humidity spike we've had over the past week =P

  2. Mango yagoot sounds amazing and very summery! Have you been to Orange Leaf in Kenwood? It's an amazing little Fro Yo place...if you haven't been we might have to put that as a maybe on our list of double date ideas.

  3. Love your blog! Found you through Natalie (above)! :) Can't wait to read more!


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