Monday, December 5, 2011

ahhh!! it's december!!!

hi lovlies!

wow, i am so sad that i have not been a consistent reader/blogger. the past few months have been a little crazy ("little" being an understatement here). school has been rough and made complete with more mental/emotional breakdowns than i ever think ive had in a semester (omg, i sound like an not crazy, i promise). i feel like i have been stretched a lot these past few months with so many things, but i have found that when i am weak, He is strong! i feel like im in a season of learning what it means to be desperate. when i literally feel that i have nothing in me, i am desperate for Jesus to strengthen me and somehow work through me. He always does!!! this has been amazing to experience in all different areas of my life. it is a tough lesson, but He gets all the glory and i stand in awe of what He can do. 

thanksgiving was a blast. boo's brother who lives in nigeria, along with his wife, and their daughter, came home and surprised us for the holidays this year! the last we had seen them was last thanksgiving and they had been telling us that they had no idea when they were going to be down again, "definitely not any time soon," then voila, they show up and surprise us one sunday and are here until january 3! i am head over heels in love with their little girl, peyton, who is two and a half :)

anyways, i am getting so excited for christmas! the decorations are up and the shopping has been started. i am hoping to get some gifts wrapped this weekend. 

here's a little holiday inspiration for you!

are those cinnamon sticks around those candles? love them and the reindeer :)

ahhh dyyyyying, i love this so much. 

huge hanging ornaments :)

my mom actually got me a few of these santa mugs from pottery barn! they're on display around our living room.

"we elves like to stick to the four main food groups: candy, candy canes, candy corns, and syrup." okay, guess what movie has been on a lot in our house ;)

all photos via pinterest. 


  1. Been wondering where you were lately? =D (lol) Love these decorations, and that's the best cookie idea ever! Glad to hear your Thanksgiving went great =)

  2. I've been missing you in blog land. :) I want to hear about student teaching! Loving those mugs...your mom has good taste!

  3. Cute! I definitely saw a tutorial on making reindeer like that in a Southern Living holiday entertaining book :)


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