Tuesday, December 27, 2011

merry christmas...a few days late!

hoping everyones christmas was sweet and blessed. i have had such a wonderful time with family and thinking about the simplicity of jesus and his message; and his humility, which is part of his glory. 

here are the top ten highlights of my christmas:

1. having time to relax with boo (i am writing this in bed...and he is curled up, asleep, next to me! we live for days like today.)

2. the sweetest worship service on christmas eve...so simple and humble, like Him.

3. playing with my niece and nephew and attacking them with little kisses as much as possible :)

4. movies, movies, movies! at home, at the theatre, at family's houses...(my whole family went on christmas day...then as we were leaving my house at 10 p.m., boo and i spontaneously decided to go to another movie at 10:20) 

5. wrapping presents! i wish i had pictures of them...im pretty pleased with myself. dr. suess/how the grinch stole christmas was my inspiration for my color schemes and adornments!

6. coordinating my gifts for people: i gave my sister in law an adorable pie dish, pie server and pie cookbook. then i gave my niece a plastic pie making kit so she and mommy can bake together :). i also ordered my mom some rare childrens books that she had when she was a little girl...she cried when she opened them!

7. being completely spoiled by boo. he completely spoils me. i dont hate it.

8. a precious friend getting married to a wonderful man...it was a beautiful wedding.

9. my mom's mashed potatoes. enough said.

10. feeling overwhelmingly blessed by the people God has placed in my life...i love sharing my life with others and having them share theirs with me.

what were the highlights of your christmas? do share!!

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  1. Sounds like you had a delightful Christmas! Enjoy the rest of your break. I'm gearing up for round two of Christmas with my mom's side of the family tomorrow =)


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