Sunday, December 11, 2011

ornament craft exchange.

what a wonderful christmasy day today was! jason (boo's brother) and emilee came over and we went out to lunch, then drew names for an ornament exchange. we decided that we wanted to actually make our ornaments, so after lunch, we headed over to hobby lobby and schemed and shopped for supplies for about an hour, then came home to make our ornament for the person we drew! it was so incredibly fun. 

it just so happened that brian and i drew each other and jason and emilee drew each other. i made boo a UK basketball ornament:

boo made me a huge letter "C" with a snow-globe in the is very princessy and i am very impressed by his creativity :)

jason made emilee a looked like something store bought, it was that good!

emilee's ornament for jason was so thoughtful. it looked like a big present and it had ten reasons why she loves jason inside. 

hanging our ornaments on the tree.

how cute :)

maybe we've started a tradition?


  1. Yea for craft parties! And you even got the men in on the fun too! I'm impressed =D Love your ornaments!

  2. Oh how cute...I want to see your ornament up close. Good job Brian!


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