Sunday, January 15, 2012

diy coffee table tray.

so ive been having decorating fever lately and actually made something i saw on pinterest! a coffee table tray out of a picture frame! the original project can be found here... although she seemed to put a little more work into it. 

i have been wanting to add some subtle sparkle to our home, so i first found the background that i wanted to use for the tray and worked around that. i found some gray paper with metallic gold stripes at'a paper, but still much thicker than regular wrapping paper. 

(forgive the not so great camera)

i simply wrapped the back of a 11 x 13 wall frame, just like i would wrap a present:

then i drilled some hardware into the sides of the frame (both the frame and the hardware were 50% off at hobby lobby...cant beat that!)

i put it together and voila! i made some coffee table decor! i love how the metallic stripes in the background and the metallic sheen of the frame add a teensy bit of glamour to our living room.

for now i have a winter piece on it with a candle and candy bowl... but i also want to use it for books, flower vases, and maybe tea kettles and cups! 

it was so easy that i am considering making more... maybe one to display my perfume and a few pieces of jewelry? 


  1. So cute courtney...and easy. Love it!

  2. so cute! my mister and i have started our own little DIYs around our apartment and are loving every second of it!


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