Thursday, January 26, 2012

and if you're like me, you need hope, coffee, and melody.

here are some simple his& her mugs i made for boo and me...i saw this idea on pinterest and was enlightened when someone informed me that i could make them. i used plain white mugs and porcelain pens. i made them last night, so this evening i will bake the mugs at 300 for 35 minutes to make them dishwasher safe. 

these mugs (and coffee of course) and fresh cut flowers make the morning a little brighter. 

i ended up displaying them on the coffee table tray i made last week with the flowers, some books and a candle. 

i also heard this song on my pandora the other day. 
it reminds me to say "this is the day the Lord has made, i will rejoice and be glad in it." (psalm 118:24)

happy's a new day!


  1. I needed this song this morning! What a crazy week. Thanks for sharing. And those mugs...oh my gosh so cute Courtney!

  2. OooO! cute mugs courtney! Love 'em!

  3. There's an award for you on my blog =)

  4. Hi Courtney! Nice blog. :) Those mugs are the cutest for couples spending sipping hot coffee together... an idea for Valentine's Day! :) Found your blog over Natalie's. :) Just followed you. Hope you can visit mine and do the same.

  5. what great cups! i'm thinking about finding a cute "couple" pair of mugs for me and the mr. for valentine's. but is that really a gift for me??

  6. Hi Courtney! I have a Versatile Blog Award for you dear... Congrats!

    By the way, I love your name. I always wanted my name to be Courtney. :)

    Hugs and kisses!


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