Wednesday, February 13, 2013

meet Gunther.

it's finally happened, y'all. i finally got my orange kitten for my birthday last week. 

let's just say that i am in love. 

meet Gunther, my orange tabby. he is nine weeks old. 


  • snuggling with mommy 
  • watching dad play video games
  • chasing his toy dragonfly 
  • chasing his tail
  • walking on mom's keyboard when she's using her laptop
  • exploring anything and everything 


  • being alone

here is a picture of him when we brought him home last week:

the shelter had named him comet originally. i love this picture of him so much!

looking out the window on the way to his new home!

"don't leave me mom!"

getting out some energy

"pay attention to me!"

"where i like to nap."

very interested in my morning tea

morning snuggle time... boy, does he make it hard to start getting ready for work in the mornings!

i am in love. 

Gunther was born on the very day that we moved to toledo and was ready to be adopted just in time for my birthday. since one of the perks of moving here was getting a kitten, i'd say this was pretty meant to be. i believe our Heavenly Father cares about the "little things" our heart desires... and yes, He blessed me with this orange ball of sweetness! 


  1. I'm so incredibly happy after reading this. Gunther is famous in blog world today. Haha. He is just like his friend Sawyer in the places he likes to cuddle and not liking to be alone. I love the one where he's curled under your chin. Don't you just love being a kitty momma? :) If only we lived closer and could have kitty play dates!

  2. What a cutie. That is so cool how his birth and adoption lined up perfectly with you. I have an orange tabby too, so I know first hand that they are the bestest!


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