Wednesday, April 27, 2011

easter weekend!

sorry for the delay, lifes a liiittle crazyyy, but i hope everyone had a happy easter! i am just getting all giddy with school being almost out!

so boo and i have a tradition where we surprise each other with goodies in our easter baskets and hide them around the house. he had the upstairs to hide mine, and i had the downstairs to hide his.

i spoiled him with loads of candy because he had given it up for lent and could finally have it again. he is just beyond himself.

and mine was hidden in our closet...i am very happy because it has all my favorites.

easter sunday...guess boo wasnt ready, but this is the only picture hehe

and just in case you didn't get enough chocolate in your easter basket, or if your body has a serious lack of serotonin, try these homemade chocolate face masks! 

mix 1/4 cup honey, 1/3 cup cocoa and just a couple drops of heavy whipping cream. stir it up, let sit, and apply for ten minutes! it's extremely moisturizing. your skin will love you for it.

hope everyone had a great easter, worshipping our Lord and Savior for all He has done :)

Thursday, April 21, 2011

awkward and awesome thursday!

haven't done an awkward & awesome post in awhile, so guess what day it is? it's awkward and awesome thursday! everyone else does it on thursdays, so i felt awkward doing it on saturdays, know what i mean? oh have you checked out where awkward & awesome originated from? you should! check out the daybook. sydney and her husband are so cute and hilarious. 


-sending a simple text message to my husband in class. another student is sitting behind me, probably reading it because my life is just so interesting. trying to type the word "naturally" and my t-9 types "naughty." idk, i just think thats awkward. 

-flipping out about losing my phone in class and realizing it's in the side pocket of my purse. that sneaky side pocket. 

-doing the elliptical and the man next to me watching sex & the city. that show is awkward enough on its own, but even more so when the opposite sex is around. ew. 

-my first time working the registers at anthro. talk about extreme multi-tasking. 


-a collective freak-out sesh as a class yesterday...literally, we were all freaking. out. about evvvverything. somehow it was better that we were all in it together, like some weird team thing. 

-free candy in the student union. it also came with kind of an annoying flyer, but i took it for the candy.

-my weekend: lexington tonight, sleepover with bible study girls tomorrow, best friend reunion saturday afternoon, date night saturday night, and easter sunday. also, we are making face masks at our sleepover and i'm really excited. (how im supposed to get anything school related done this weekend, i haven't a clue) 

-the cards my sweet third graders wrote to me for my last day. some of them even wrote haikus for me, in correct 5,7,5 form and everything. bless their little poetic hearts. 

-getting ready for easter by wearing our spring best. doesn't mali took presh in his tie? 

hope everyone has a fabulous thursday and a happy weekend :)

Tuesday, April 19, 2011


sorry for the neglect you all... i know you're asking, "wheres the love?" 

it's just that i'm trying to be studious here...

apparently my professors like to read a ton of papers...see, they assign aaalllll this content for us students to write on...and it takes hours...yet they will have to spend hours reading it all, after we're already out of school for summer. joke's on them. 

i should make mine as boring as possible just to be spiteful...just kidding...maybe? 

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

feelin' good :)

this week is awesome. the school i teach in on tuesdays and thursdays is on spring break, my class this morning was optional, and i have been saving my "skip" days that i am pretty much i had class on monday and i won't be going back until next monday! not bad...not bad at all.

so today i am spending this beautiful day all dolled up for no reason, sipping on a smoothie at kidd coffee with boo while he works. i am proud to say that i cranked out seven pages here for one of my papers due next wednesday. i still have more to write, but i am feeling good....or as michael buble is singing to me right now, "i'm feeeeeeling gooood" :)

i would like to get your all's opinion on something. i'm always looking for inspiration on topics to discuss in my small groups. the students have given me some ideas, and i have a few ideas up my own sleeve, but if you were in a small group, what would you want to discuss? where would you want to grow spiritually? ultimately, i pray about what the Lord's desire is for these groups, but i like to hear as many ideas and opinions as possible. 

so, that being said, as a woman of God, what does your heart long for? 

Monday, April 11, 2011

exciting news :)

good morning everyone!

 i am so excited, i just have to say that i will be officially working at anthropologie as a sales associate this summer! i am pumped. i cant wait to work in such an inspirational atmosphere and to meet new people. now i am just standing in faith for one more job that will add up to full time hours and that won't intervene with my job at anthro. God is good! 

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

random musings.

life has been a little crazy... good, but overwhelming. 
summer vacation is a month out and there is much to be done before then.
so i apologize if i am a tad MIA within the next few weeks.
i am realizing more and more how being a teacher is such a ministry... 
and that is what keeps me going.
so many students need Love poured into them and i am learning how to do that.
i am also realizing how much i can learn from eight year olds. 
there is a little girl in my class who is going through a horrible situation.
yet she openly professes Jesus and never fails to have the biggest smile on her face.
i see the Holy Spirit and His joy inside of her... and wow.
He is limitless and even reveals Himself through tiny little girls.

have you ever realized how much you can learn from a little one? 

Friday, April 1, 2011

happy friday :)

happy friday y'all! 

it's date night for us. we're going to a concert/benefit to raise money to build wells in africa. and then we're going to a new japanese restaurant that recently opened. i feel like a very cultured couple tonight. 

how will you be spending your friday evening? a cozy night in or going out somewhere fun? 

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