Sunday, February 26, 2012

you might be super girly if...

1. you love cupcakes and macaroons

2. you have twirled in the past 24 hours

3. psalm 45:11 is written on your heart

4. the majority of items in your closet are dresses and skirts

5. you adore audrey hepburn: i.e. your coffee table is stacked with books about her, your favorite movie is breakfast at tiffany's, and you aspire to copy her look: the lbd and cat-eye sunglasses

6. your heart melts at the sight of babies, kittens, puppies, or anything small and/or fuzzy

7. you have an obsession for teapots, teacups, & tea parties...oh, & teacup inspired lamps :)

8. lace lace lace... you love it.

9. you seek to be a Proverbs 31 woman

10. fresh cut flowers make your heart smile

11. glitter is a lifestyle 

12. you have an entire board dedicated to ladylike loveliness 

13. you own red lipstick (and you may have put it on before just to kiss a handwritten note)

14. the glitter guide is a daily inspiration 

15. sometimes you just need a flower in your hair

16. you remember the game pretty pretty princess (or this was how you were proposed to) and still enjoy a game or two from time to time

17. you believe with all of your heart that you actually know adele...and that she is singing your songs. in high school it was taylor swift... nah, it's still taylor (first name basis), just as much as adele, let's be honest ;) 

18. your exclamation points are always adorned with a heart

19. you have actually tried putting cucumbers on your eyes to.....what's the purpose of cucumbers on your eyes again? besides looking legit and spa like? 

20. every now and then (and you are very particular about the where and the when) you make very unladylike faces, like so: 

being a girl is the best, no? 

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

anything goes living room decor

i have decorating fever ... maybe it has to do with the fact that i am such a homebody and love to create beautiful things... and don't we all as women have a natural creative eye? (trust me, you do.) we may all have different styles, but the longing to create beauty is there. 

personally, i love mismatched, eclectic, and whimsical rooms with pattern mixings, textures, and randomness that creates interest. i am on a mission to make my home beautiful, room by room. i am starting with my living room. here are a few living rooms i am loving from my pinterest. 

love the hodgepodge of frames, the shiny wallpaper, and the mixture of pillow prints!

 the combination of colors in this room is fantastic. it has a random feel to it that just works. plus, that aqua tea-set makes a fabulous decorative piece :)

 are those fabric flowers hanging from the curtains? be still my heart... 

i decided to start our living room with decorative throw pillows and go from there... the renovation will be gradual, and it might be slow, but i love making our home our very own... and in our home, decorative-wise, anything goes...including very random patterns and prints! 
{pillows from anthropologie, pier1, and target...the two middle pillows were only $12 each, can you believe that?!}

Sunday, February 19, 2012

i love weekends...

adorned my feetsies with coral & a hint of gold.

wore this pretty little number for date night.

ate a lovely brunch with my grandparents.

threw on some stripes & leopard, with a pop of yellow.

drank lots of coffee, because duh...
(hint: drink your coffee with a straw to avoid teeth staining)

i love love love weekends...and the best part, no work tomorrow! our school district is off for presidents day. 

happy weekend. xo. 

Friday, February 17, 2012

valentine instagram love

totally forgot about the instagram pics i took on valentines day! 

here are the flowers boo had sent to me at school

here is the table setting for the dinner we had at my parents'

and some sweet valentines day cookies.

glad i remembered i had these!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

happy valentines day! (a day late...)

i hope everyone's valentines day was blessed! boo had flowers sent to me while i was at school... i felt like the luckiest teacher alive! i ended up giving him one card to open each day from february 1 until yesterday...and with his card yesterday we had some candy and a heart shaped peanut butter sandwich! he loved it all.  

this year i had so many plans to decorate the house and make homemade cards... but the time just slipped away :( valentines day is one of my favorite holidays (it might be my favorite?) and i'm so sad that i didn't get to celebrate as much as i normally would. my parents did have us over for a lovely dinner last night was all festive...sadly i didn't take any pictures because i was still waking up from a nap (we had our valentine party in our kindergarten class yesterday... it was fun, but exhausting!) and i didn't think to do it. see last years family valentine dinner here

i hope you all felt so loved yesterday and everyday by Jesus and the people in your life. 

Monday, February 13, 2012

valentine party-praying God's Word edition.

tonight my bible study with the high school girls cross country and track team had a little valentines day party. my friend meredith hosts our meetings at her house, and being mutual lovers of all things valentines and themed party related, we naturally had to throw a little somethin :) 
here was our little set-up... mere and her mom and sister went all out with decorations and sweet cute?! 

remember my striped paper straw obsession? well, i ordered these pink ones, along with these chevron goody bags, from an adorable little etsy shop. i brought along mason jars to use with the straws for the valentines punch :)

mere made these awesome conversation heart cake pops

 the girls came and just loved the straws :)

...and they brought even more goodies!

 delaney won this sweet little mug for bringing the best dessert...white chocolate covered pretzel rods with valentines sprinkles! 

we are going through "praying God's word" by beth moore. this week i intentionally had us focus on the chapter that deals with overcoming the insecurity of feeling unloved. i see way too many sad, lonely, and bitter girls when it comes to valentines day. 

the book stresses praying scripture to overcome strongholds. tonight we talked about how feeling unloved is the root cause of so many other strongholds...the fear of rejection, deception, unforgiveness, and etc... 

here are some quotes and scriptures that we discussed and prayed... be encouraged by them and know the overwhelming & unfailing love of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ! 

"Interestingly, the Word of God uses the phrase 'unfailing love' thirty-two other times, and not one of them refers to any source other than God, Himself."

"Searching for perfect, unfailing love in anyone else is not only fruitless, it is miserably disappointing and destructive. I am convinced that our hearts are not healthy until they have been satisfied by the only completely healthy love that exists: the love of God, Himself." 

"No one is more pleasurable to be around than a person who has had her cup filled by the Lord Jesus Christ. He is the only One who is never overwhelmed by the depth and length of our need."

"Jesus Christ, my Kinsman Redeemer and my Bridegroom, Your banner over me is love!" (Song of Songs 2:4)

"Keep me as the apple of Your eye; hide me in the shadow of Your wings." (Psalm 17:8)

"O God, help me to meditate on Your unfailing love! (Psalm 48:9) Help me not have the sin of unbelief after all You've done to tell me You love me and demonstrate Your love for me."

"How I thank You God, that You will heal my waywardness. You love me freely" (Hosea 14:4).

"O God, please set my heart at rest in Your presence when my heart wants to condemn me. For you, God, are greater than my heart, and You know everything"  (1 John 3:19-20).

....i wish i could write everything down! it is all truth-- we are loved so fiercely and uniquely. let's be set apart from the world--not women who are insecure and bitter, but women who are filled up by Jesus everyday, women whose cups are running over with the Love of Jesus and who are intentionally pouring that Love on others. 

guest posting.

hi lovlies!

just wanted to let yall know that i will be guest posting for natalie at scribbles n' things today! she asked me to share brian and i's love story in honor of valentines day. there will be other women posting throughout the week as well, so be sure to check out their posts! 

have a great day... my kindergarten students are decorating valentine bags today, we are having a valentines party with our bible study girls, tomorrow my kindergarteners are passing out their valentines, annnd my family is having a big valentines dinner.... lots of celebrating one of my favorite holidays :)

Friday, February 10, 2012


so rather unexpectedly, i got sick on my birthday and had to leave school with a fever. i ended up having a stomach bug. of course, one never wishes to spend her birthday sick, but i still got to spend the day with my sweet boo, who stayed home to take care of me. 

there was a time when i would have died if brian had ever seen me puke, but he came in the bathroom and sweetly held my hair back for me as i did so. then he assured me that i threw up "very gracefully" when i was done so i would know that he still finds me beautiful. 

also, when i am sick, everything is like 10,000 x more dramatic. we were listening to adele's "someone like you" and were talking about the lyrics and we both just started crying (okay, he just got teary-eyed, i actually had tears streaming down my face). i mean, it's a really sad song if you actually listen to the lyrics! this poor girl still loves this guy, but he doesn't love her, and she's forced to live with that...go listen to it and try not to cry. 

i should also say that when i am sick, either something is entirely NOT funny, or it is 10,000 x funnier than it should be. boo simply gave me a kiss on the cheek and i lost my balance a little...i tried to tell him that he makes my knees weak, but it came out, "you make my wees kneak." suddenly, i fall the rest of the way to the ground in a heap of laughter.

oh marriage with my best friend... :) 
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