Monday, June 11, 2012


i want this sweatshirt. with a book and a cup of coffee please. that is all. 

Sunday, June 10, 2012

summer lovin'

so it is june and i believe i promised two diy projects in may and i only got around to one! the other one will hopefully (as i cross my fingers and stir up a ridiculous amount of determination) will be up soon! and as for the series on confidence... well i think confidence is something ill always be learning about as a lady, so expect a few more posts about that in the future! 

anyway, i am loving summer. let's celebrate summer with...

stripes and pink lips.

juicy watermelon

ice cream

whippin our hair...because we can

convertible rides

and lets not forget about iced coffee, sun tans, easy summer dresses, being barefoot, bike rides, bonfires, and cookouts! 

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

little brother's graduation.

on sunday, this little guy (my little brother) graduated high school. can't believe it. he gets to move to chicago (yes, i will be visiting!) and study at the art institute. he is an incredible artist.  
it was such a bittersweet day celebrating my brother and the many other seniors who brian and i love as they end this chapter of their lives. 

after the ceremony, we celebrated at brio with some yummy italian food. 

then we came home and celebrated with some cake and basketball. 

(jenna getting her game on. sexy and she knows it.) 

thankful we still have the summer left with our seniors before they leave for college, but we know the time is going to fly by.

oh life... i wish you would slow down! 

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