Friday, October 28, 2011

coffee in bed.

staying cozy on this chilly morning with coffee in bed. happy weekend. xoxo

Monday, October 17, 2011

happy sweet 16 to my not so little sis.

she is all grown up!! and what an awesome young woman, sister, daughter, friend, basketball player, guitar player, song writer, worshipper, comedian, entertainer, and dreamer she is. she is so godly and i couldn't be more proud :)

Saturday, October 8, 2011

oh, just some thoughts, recent happenings, and answered prayers.

truth: i am a tired, stressed out mess. 
truth: i hate social security offices.
truth: i am constantly asking Jesus to not only cover my sin, but to cover my stupid, human errors (he always does)

last night, boo and i went to kings island. they have their halloween events going on through the month of october, so it had a fun fall effect to it (although i HATE the scary houses...we only did two and i just do not like to be afraid...don't make fun of me for being scared of those). we rode some awesome rides and just got to act like little kids. to me, there's something romantic about theme parks and carnivals at nighttime. and i truly have the best husband ever. he is just so wonderful in every way....i really can't get over it. and i will never apologize for being mushy on here... i am his biggest fan!

also, the Lord has answered so many prayers lately and i am so thankful. after i got married and moved away from my college friends, life was busy, but very lonely. many times, with tear-filled eyes, i would just ask for God to give me a girlfriend, or a community of some sort that i could grow in. He was gracious to fulfill my request. a few months later i found out that my best friend from high school had happened to not only be moving back home, but to begin walking with the Lord again. not only this, but my small group from high school has been reunited and we are beginning to meet again...with another girl who had not been walking with God, but now is! we are meeting on tuesday evenings and are going to start reading "how people grow." i am so excited and beyond touched with how my Lord and Savior provides for me and moves to answer my prayers. when i am sluggish, doubtful, and tired in my faith, i remember all the kind things He does for me. 

there is so much i am learning right now, but life is crazy busy and i hardly have the time to post...but i really need to find time to post about what i am learning about what it means to be the bride of Christ, because it's awesome. 

i hope you all are blessed... i know i am, even in the midst of the tiredness, stress, and everything that life  and the enemy throws at us sometimes! 
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