Sunday, March 27, 2011

"God is most glorified in me when i am most satisfied in Him"

why am i talking about satisfaction in the Lord? i always knew it was important...but i guess it recently hit me that being satisfied in God is vital. since our human nature is wired to need and depend on something, to chase after something that will fill us up, like the things listed in the previous post, i realized that whatever i am finding my satisfaction in is what will define my life and me as a person. it's like when Jesus said, "for wherever your treasure is, there your heart will be also." 

even more importantly, my holiness is dependent upon my level of satisfaction in Him. think about when the serpent tempted eve...what did he do? he made her think that God was holding out on her...that He wasn't enough for her...that there was still more in store for her outside God's will. he caused her to become dissatisfied in the Lord. her dissatisfaction in God is what caused her to seek full satisfaction in something else and to fall into sin. isn't it the same with us? if we do not let our Lord and Savior meet all our needs, we will give all our time and affections to an idol. we will fall into sin. 

however, if i am fully satisfied in the Lord...if He is my source of delight, hope, security, strength, and joy...then i do not need to search for those things elsewhere. sin is not even appealing, because i realize its shallowness & insufficiency to provide those things for me. the more satisfied i am in God, the less sin there will be in my life, because i will not "need" it. 

john piper said that "God is most glorified in me when i am most satisfied in Him." i have heard that quote before and always believed it...but i recently truly understood it. He is most glorified in me when i'm most satisfied in Him, because He is glorified in the holiness of my life, which clearly can only come through satisfaction in Him. 

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  1. Lovin' all the posts on satisfaction in the Lord =D Such an encouragement! We can talk more about the hospitality series by e-mail, or you can facebook me your ideas. I'm excited to hear what you've come up with =D


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