Tuesday, March 8, 2011

thankfulness & joy.

good morning/early afternoon!

i hope you all are having a fantastic march 8th so far. ive decided to make a list of things i have been thankful for recently. thankfulness is the root of joy, so having a thankful heart must be the secret to joy. if i am honest, joy hasn't come naturally to me lately, so i am going to choose to be joyful anyway...even if i have to force it!

so, i am thankful for:

-the fact that God uses the weak to lead the strong
-the weather (ever so gradually and slowly) emerging into spring
-a husband who pulls me into his lap and prays for me when i am nervous
-sleeping in this week + extra nap time
-fresh groceries
-a successful two-day unit that i taught to my third graders
-eight more weeks of school
-a little sister who is playing basketball in the regional semi-finals tonight (starting varsity as a freshman, whhaaatt?)
-having the opportunity to go and lead on the 1twentyone retreat this weekend. check out the video below!

blessings to all of you :)

1 comment:

  1. "Thankfulness is the root of Joy." Love that! It's one of the biggest things God's been teaching me this season :)


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