Saturday, March 5, 2011

reminiscing: fall, chocolate, sunsets, and friends.

feeling a little under the weather tonight, but am reminiscing through some old journals and came across this one from september of 2009 that makes me smile:

"the past few days have been so beautiful with a fall breeze and the warmth of His love. i have enjoyed sharing chocolate on my fire escape with good friends, peace reigning in my house, the gorgeous colors of the sky in sunsets, and an amazing cinnamon pear chocolate truffle from godiva this evening! oh, and singing kim walker's version of "my romance" with kelly, bre, and melanie while driving down my street last night! it was only for a few seconds, but the worship was powerful! it's just like the saying, "we do not remember days, but moments." there have been so many beautiful moments lately! 

my boo is coming to visit and to church with me this sunday night! i haven't seen him in over two weeks and miss him like crazy. i can't wait!"


  1. i seriously breakdown in tears everytime i read a blog post of yours. i miss you and all your amazingness. you are the most wonderful times ten.

  2. baahhh i miss you...crying (on the inside)...


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