Friday, March 25, 2011


we all have a craving to be satisfied... and we will chase after that craving. what does it mean to be satisfied? the definition says that to satisfy is to fulfill the desires, expectations, needs, or demands of; to give full contentment to. 

dont we all have desires, expectations, needs, and demands? the question is, what are they?

we all desire love. perfect and unfailing love. a love that pursues.
we all desire to be accepted.
we all need to be found beautiful or worthy.
we all need peace and stability. 
we all desire to make a difference and make our lives count for something.
we all desire to enjoy our lives and to experience joy.

thats a list we came up with in bible study, which i think is pretty dead on. 

the seven longings of the human heart, by mike bickle, takes this even farther and talks about seven longings that every human has. the list we came up with actually matches most of the longings that are written in this book. they are:

1. the longing to be enjoyed by God
2. the longing for fascination
3. the longing for beauty
4. the longing for greatness
5. the longing for intimacy without shame
6. the longing to be wholehearted
7. the longing to make a deep and lasting impact

so i will leave with that and come back with more on our desires and our need and will to be satisfied. 

by the way, totally recommend mike bickle's will give you so much insight into your own heart and why God created you the way He did. 

as for now, spending some time with boo. GO WILDCATS! 


  1. That list is pretty dead on =D I'll have to look into reading the book too.

  2. P.S. I'd love to have you for a guest blogger! I'm pretty open to whatever idea you have for the series =D


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