Wednesday, March 9, 2011

a stormy wednesday night.

oh goodness... new obsession: the bonbonerie.  mom and i ate there for lunch today. i am in love.

also, it is thunder storming and i love it... i love thunderstorms.

now if i could just get started on this paper... doubtful :) 

oh, one more thing...girl scout cookies will be the end of me.


  1. i conquer with every single thing you said in this post :)

  2. Me too! Especially the girl scout cookies part and as a teacher you will always have a healthy supply of these. :)

  3. There's definitely something special about falling asleep in a storm :)

  4. ellie, you conquer or concur ? cornyyyyyyyyy. love. going to bonbonerie tomorrow.

  5. hahaha umm. i retract my original comment..i concur. i'm grossed out by my recently horrible spelling. ughh.


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