Sunday, February 26, 2012

you might be super girly if...

1. you love cupcakes and macaroons

2. you have twirled in the past 24 hours

3. psalm 45:11 is written on your heart

4. the majority of items in your closet are dresses and skirts

5. you adore audrey hepburn: i.e. your coffee table is stacked with books about her, your favorite movie is breakfast at tiffany's, and you aspire to copy her look: the lbd and cat-eye sunglasses

6. your heart melts at the sight of babies, kittens, puppies, or anything small and/or fuzzy

7. you have an obsession for teapots, teacups, & tea parties...oh, & teacup inspired lamps :)

8. lace lace lace... you love it.

9. you seek to be a Proverbs 31 woman

10. fresh cut flowers make your heart smile

11. glitter is a lifestyle 

12. you have an entire board dedicated to ladylike loveliness 

13. you own red lipstick (and you may have put it on before just to kiss a handwritten note)

14. the glitter guide is a daily inspiration 

15. sometimes you just need a flower in your hair

16. you remember the game pretty pretty princess (or this was how you were proposed to) and still enjoy a game or two from time to time

17. you believe with all of your heart that you actually know adele...and that she is singing your songs. in high school it was taylor swift... nah, it's still taylor (first name basis), just as much as adele, let's be honest ;) 

18. your exclamation points are always adorned with a heart

19. you have actually tried putting cucumbers on your eyes to.....what's the purpose of cucumbers on your eyes again? besides looking legit and spa like? 

20. every now and then (and you are very particular about the where and the when) you make very unladylike faces, like so: 

being a girl is the best, no? 


  1. Amen! Although I've never had a macaroon... so I think I need to remedy this here shortly ;)

  2. I love being a girl!! And my exclamations always have a heart. :) Now I want to go get dressed up and have a tea party or something. Haha.

  3. Oh. My. I must be very very supery-dupery girly! And I love it! =) Cute post, mah dear!
    Kristina J.

  4. Being a girl is the best, EXCEPT when you wake up late and don't have enough time to put your face on. haha

    follow each other?

  5. i think i'm all of these!!!! {except the red lipstick one . . . } sheesh i want a macaron right nowwwww.

  6. These facts are so ME! Haha. I like this post. :)


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