Wednesday, February 15, 2012

happy valentines day! (a day late...)

i hope everyone's valentines day was blessed! boo had flowers sent to me while i was at school... i felt like the luckiest teacher alive! i ended up giving him one card to open each day from february 1 until yesterday...and with his card yesterday we had some candy and a heart shaped peanut butter sandwich! he loved it all.  

this year i had so many plans to decorate the house and make homemade cards... but the time just slipped away :( valentines day is one of my favorite holidays (it might be my favorite?) and i'm so sad that i didn't get to celebrate as much as i normally would. my parents did have us over for a lovely dinner last night was all festive...sadly i didn't take any pictures because i was still waking up from a nap (we had our valentine party in our kindergarten class yesterday... it was fun, but exhausting!) and i didn't think to do it. see last years family valentine dinner here

i hope you all felt so loved yesterday and everyday by Jesus and the people in your life. 


  1. Happy Valentine's Day to you too! I know exactly what you mean about running out of time to craft and decorate this year =)

  2. Happy Valentine's Day to you :) I am feeling SOOO much better, thanks!

  3. We had a weird heart day, too. All the kiddos came down with the no celebrating for us. Oh, well...we'll just have to make it up sometime, no? =)
    Kristina J.

  4. Kindergarten valentine's parties are intense! Love your blog. Newest follower!

  5. Hey :) My name is Katy and I found you through your guest post on Natalie's blog :) My husband is in youth ministry too! Which I thought was neat :) It is always fun to "meet" other young wives :)



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