Thursday, January 17, 2013

approaching every day like Christmas morning.

Remember Christmas morning as a child? Remember the magic of shiny paper & bows, of full stockings, of bells & twinkling lights? Nothing can replace the enchantment of Christmas as a little one. There is just nothing like it. 
Confession: Even at 23 years old, I’m still the first one awake Christmas morning. I’m the annoying one who drags her husband, younger siblings, and parents out of bed so we can get the day started. After tossing and turning all night out of sheer excitement, there comes a point when I just can’t take it anymore, and we are all getting up now, whether this family of mine likes it or not!
I have been reading 1000 gifts, by Ann Voskamp. When reading this morning, the chapter was about humility and child-likeness. Children are excited about everything. Everything is wonder and joy and bounty to them. When you are small like a child, everything is big to you. Maybe this is why God commands us to have the faith of a child...why He says that the Kingdom of Heaven belongs to those who have this kind of faith. Maybe this is why He says that the humble will be exalted, that the meek will inherit the earth...because when you’re like a child, everything is joy! When everything is joy, your heart receives gift after gift. The whole point of the chapter was about stooping down low and abandoning expectation in our lives. Our job is to be small. God’s job is to be big. The smaller we become, the bigger the Lord is to us, and the bigger the gifts we receive are. 
I’ve been told that I am child-like... not childish, but child-like in my joy. I consider faith to be one of my spiritual gifts. However, I’ve noticed these virtues slowly fading. Maybe it’s from new adult responsibilities and burdens, maybe it’s from witnessing so much brokenness around me, maybe it's from simply growing up (don't grow's a trap), but bitterness and discontentment have slowly crept in and gotten the best of me. It’s become a gross kind of pride that I hate and I know the Lord hates it even more. 
Back to my reading this morning... as I was reading this chapter, God impressed upon my heart that in His Kingdom, every day is like Christmas morning. There are surprises and gifts in store for the day. There are presents to open. We only need to lower ourselves before a big and Mighty God to receive them.
My new years resolution this year is to "open" 1000 gifts and record them all. Here are a few presents I have opened:

11. warm forehead kisses that take me by surprise
12. decaf cupcake lattes in glass mugs

14. raindrops popping on the roof like popcorn

16. going out with no agenda except to explore

Yes... my Heavenly Father's heart is bursting with love for me... He is always giving! 

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He must become greater; I must become less. -John 3:30


  1. Yes, yes, and amen! I read this book a year ago and it was a game changer for me. I've been counting my blessings ever since! Have fun unwrapping those gifts...

  2. I am SO glad you are reading this. This was such an amazing chapter!!! I am always the first one up Christmas morning too. And I love your child like is endearing!

  3. First of all, this post is wonderful! I love how you have child-like joy... it's definitely not one of my strengths, but I feel like you exude that, so when I read your blog, somewhere (wherever it is that it hides most of the time) my child-like joy surfaces. So if I never have thanked you for that until now, then I will now (cyber hug) =D Secondly, I'm so glad you're taking the thousand gifts dare! It's so worth it, I promise! I'm well past 1000 and still love the process, or rather, the "unwrapping."

  4. Love this So much! And I agree with glad you are reading this love:)

  5. I am always awake first on Christmas morning as well! That is so sweet! I am going to have to check out that book it sounds sooo good! Keep up the good work!!!
    New follower :)
    XO, PG
    The Parlor Girl 


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