Tuesday, January 1, 2013

happy new year!

a little recap of how brian and i celebrated out first FREE new years eve! 

got a little snazzy for a dinner out

set my mouth on fire with jalapenos topped with spicy tuna and cream cheese


baked snickerdoodles

read our "2012" jar... over the course of the year we filled it with good, sweet, and funny things that happened and didn't read them until the last night of 2012. it was so fun remembering these together.

my hopes/excitement for 2013:

1. i am so EXCITED for my two best friends' weddings/celebrations
2. i HOPE to find a full time JOB, preferably in teaching 
3. i HOPE to adopt myself a baby orange kitten
4. i HOPE that by the end of the year our student ministry has GROWN
5. i am EXCITED for what the Lord is going to do this year

here's to 2013!


  1. Looks like you guys had fun! I'm glad you enjoyed your New Years together. There are some pretty awesome things in store of 2013...

  2. I just made a 2013 jar for Allan and I! Such a GREAT idea! Praying that the Lord grows the student ministry and for your 2013 to be blessed abundantly!! Love and miss you!

  3. I LOVE that idea for a year jar! Totally making one for Husband and I! Thanks for the idea! Happy New Year!


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