Thursday, January 24, 2013

dear hair...

dear hair,

it's no doubt that we have a strained relationship. i admit my thoughts about you aren't always the kindest. and on that note, i owe you an apology. 

i'm sorry that i compare your flat fine and thin tresses to ladies with more voluptuous doing so i have accused you of not being very feminine and that is just not fair. the truth is, the girls with the "voluptuous manes" would kill for your utter sleekness and naturally pin-straight tresses. your silkiness makes you fine...and i'm not just talking hair-type-fine...i mean, really, you're fiiine. 

i'm sorry that i have accused you of looking like dirty dishwater. i have been angry with you for not making up your mind of being blonde or brown. i try to take pride in being "natural" by not coloring you and then there i go criticizing you for not being the color i want. i can be so wishy-washy sometimes. and from this day on, you shall no longer be called "dirty dishwater," but "caramel blonde." 

and finally, i'm sorry for hating your crown on the back of my head. i must sound ridiculous... here i am, a girl who loves princesses, yet i have hated the very crown you have bestowed upon me. oh, the irony. from now on, i shall think of it as my mark of royalty...even if it does create hair-styling complications. 

the truth is, God made you and you are a part of me. if He says that i am wonderfully made, well, then you are a part of what makes me wonderfully made. and while i may take you in to the salon in a few weeks and have you adorned with color to "change it up," you really are beautiful the way you are. God even says that you are my glory. so thanks, hair, and i will strive to take care of you and to use kinder words when addressing you.


p.s. my husband just said you look nice... how did he know i was writing to you?? 

so obviously, i was having a rough time with my hair and being a little critical. and i realized that i can be very harsh with myself. do you ever find yourself being overly critical about your body? or even your quirks, tendencies, and actions? have you ever stopped to recognize the tone you use with yourself? 

 so while this post was me kind of making fun of myself a little bit, i really do hope it inspires you to use kind words about how the Lord made you.... and to remind you that you are Wonderfully Made. 


  1. Your hair is gorgeous! I always think it looks great!

    1. thanks love! i was having a rough time with it and then felt convicted for being so critical of myself... bahaha

  2. hahah, I think of the same as ALlison. Even though i've never seen your dear hair in person, it always seems so beautiful!!!

    1. haha thanks sweet friend! i had fun with this post :)

  3. "do you ever find yourself being overly critical about your body? or even your quirks, tendencies, and actions?" Um... guilty. I think being kind to ourselves can be harder than being kind to others (often). BTW, I think you've got very pretty hair!

  4. What a great post and sooooo true we all always want what we do not have : )

    Ali of:


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