Tuesday, February 15, 2011

valentines day :)

i hope you all had an amazing valentines day! i apologize that my recent posts have been mostly pictures...but i am a busy girl, and pictures explain things much quicker. so here was valentines day yesterday. it was sweet :)

my sister jenna helping set the table. i love how my mom goes all out with balloons.



jenna's yummy trifle dessert. we dyed the pudding pink!

 heart shaped pizza! totally. 


mhmmm. what a fine, righteous stud of a valentine. do you like my rhymes?


i usually do not look this happy when i am doing the dishes.

 oh boo, i love you so much :)

my valentine surprise! 

gorgeous pink roses and the sweetest card ev. 


  1. 1. I love the decorations!
    2. I love your outfit!
    3. I love the heart shaped pizza!
    4. I loved this post!

  2. oh! Heart shaped pizza and pink roses, how lovely!


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