Monday, September 6, 2010

hope photography

this past weekend i visited friends in lexington...oh how i have missed them. i got to visit one friend in particular, miss breanne kaiser, of hope photography. this girl is so amazingly talented and has a natural eye. i am so happy how her business is growing! this past weekend alone she assisted in shooting a wedding that made the local news, shot an engagement session, and booked a wedding as the main photographer for this november. she is still a college student, mind you. yet, her talent is that of a professional. it has been such a joy to watch her pursue her passion as her talent just grows and grows!

if i can brag on her more, brea spent the past summer serving with lightforce international ministries, a ministry for women in central america who are victims of exploitation. while serving in costa rica and helping bring hope to many women through jesus christ, she captured some incredible images. brea seeks to use her talent and passion as a means for ministry and glorifying the lord. she has a gift for making every woman she photographs feel beautiful and has a natural, creative eye.

brea and i bond over princesses, childish adventures, sweet coffee, and the christ inside of us. i wanted her to be a bridesmaid in my wedding, so she could not shoot the big day. however, brian and i had the honor of having her shoot our engagement photos this past spring. we could not be more happy with them and i could not be more blessed to have a friend like her.

here are a few of the MANY wonderful ones she captured.

for previews of her other work, visit her site:

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