Saturday, February 26, 2011

30 day challenge-day five.

Day 05 - A picture of your favourite memory.

this probably isn't allowed, but im going to use several pictures because most of my favorite memories involve living with my roommates in the cutest house ever. here we go. 

once upon a time there was a happy little family. their names were molly, kelly, and courtney. 

they lived in a cute little duplex next door to a flower shop. they loved to sit out on their fire escape and drink tea while talking about important matters, like whether a light saber or a sword would win in a fight.

sometimes these would lead to actual fights.

molly had some very interesting grocery lists.

and sometimes she would do weird things, like hang lambchop. 

sometimes courtney would have to retaliate when her roomies were being unreasonable. one time she transported kelly's room to the front deck. she clearly called the shots in the one wanted to mess with her.

they always had so much fun together and took frequent trips to mellow mushroom, coffea, ramseys, and bob evans. 

courtney really misses all the dance parties, the spontaneous events, and the combination of three amazing female wardrobes. she misses her beautiful roomies and loves all the memories :)

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