Saturday, February 12, 2011

celebrating our ultimate Love.

so friday afternoons have been fun! i recently started a bible study with some junior girls from veritas at my house. i love them all so much and their hunger to know Jesus puts an incredible joy in my heart and motivates me to go after Him harder. for the next few weeks we are looking deeper at Love...God's love, our response to God's love, how we are to love Jesus, and how we are to love each other. and so with all this talk of our ultimate Love, i decided to have a valentines party for them on friday.

 there was a pretty strawberry cake baked with real strawberries.

there were some white chocolate and chocolate covered strawberry cake balls.

and even more goodies.

 i hung valentines cards on our curtains.

 there was a card for each of them with a different verse on God's love for them.

 the best part is that i made each card out of things i already had. i didn't buy anything!

 they are just beautiful :)

last week we looked at the Lord's unfailing love and yesterday we talked about the romantic heart of God and His nature in lavishing love, like in the first few verses of ezekiel 16. i am so excited to grow in our intimacy with Him and to grow as we fall more in love with Jesus!


  1. 1. Your food looks amazing! The cake balls turned out great! And...
    2. Your valentines rock!

  2. This is too cute! Looks like it was such a fun party and your Bible study group sounds amazing! Isn't studying how much Jesus loves us just the best thing in the world? And it's even better to learn with good girlfriends : )

  3. thanks ladies!! and yes, courtney, i agree with you about learning about christ's love with girlfriends..few things are better than that :)


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