Tuesday, February 22, 2011

30 day challenge-day one.

Day 01 - A picture of yourself with fifteen facts about yourself

  1. i cannot stand routines or doing the same thing every day.
  2.  i miss having my nose pierced sooo much....i am getting that thing re-done once i get a permanent job, yes i am!   
  3. i am contemplating painting my living room walls mint green (though it might be awhile before this actually happens).
  4. i would have to say my favorite worship leader at the moment is chris mcclarney. his voice and music are wonderful. please have a listen here
  5.  i like to use old wine and soda bottles as flower vases. 
  6.  there are soooo many things i can see myself doing besides teaching. it would be so cool to own a coffee shop/bakery, or own a gym and personal train, or do missions in another country for a few years, or be a photographer, or design clothes & accessories...basically something where i can do my own thing and be creative. yes please. 
  7. if i could, i would wear a sundress every day. and a flower in my hair...and no shoes. and maybe a cardigan...i like those too. 
  8. i love being a wife, especially since my husband rocks. (im pretty excited to be a mom someday too, but NOOO this is not happening anytime soon if youre wondering)
  9. pink has always been my favorite color...but lately i have found myself swooning over all shades of gray, deep purples, and mint green.
  10. i told God i wanted to marry my brian when i was seventeen. three years later we started dating and then another year later my prayer was answered. (can i get an "awww?"). 
  11.  i never thought id have a blog. but i looove it. it's such a creative form of expression and it's a great tool for encouraging others and documenting life. i pray people read it and encounter even just a glimpse of who jesus is. 
  12. the book of psalms never fails to minister to me.
  13.  i am obsessed with kissthegroom.com. elizabeth messina is just so beautiful with her photos and her words. 
  14. i'm really good at finding deals, at least when it comes to clothes. just a few things ive found within the past few months: $8 ann taylor loft tweed skirt, $19 anthro firehouse cardigan, and $14 purple gap cardigan. 
  15. my dream house includes a big porch that wraps around the entire house, a bathtub with claw feet, and lots of white. 
wow, i am so wordy. i am a dork. 


  1. hahaha! I love the photo! My dream house is to have a big wrap around porch too! Although, I'll leave the tub :D

  2. court i love this post :) love your heart, friend. God just continues to reveal to me so many sisters.

  3. thanks natalie! arent wrap around porches the best? yes, most people i talk to either love claw feet bathtubs or hate them! ive never actually used one, so maybe i wouldnt like them afterall, but i just adore how vintage and classy they look!

    and ellie, i love you... why dont we hang out more? :)


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