Wednesday, February 9, 2011

love bugs. love monsters. love.

splendid love bug cupcakes: bake cupcakes in heart shaped liners. then frost with pink and red icing! we used red icing food coloring and regular strawberry frosting here.

 use the opposite frosting color and a frosting tip to make the heads. then use black frosting to line the wings, make the dots, and eventually add faces! 

 meg demonstrates ever so beautifully. 

bummer, this picture is dark...but here is the finished product...make the antennas with licorice and heart sprinkles!

and we're pretty proud, so we show off our lovebugs :)

next it's time to make some love monsters!, not scary-LOVING & ADORABLE! have a looksie:

and the process is pretty self explanatory...but we used a special frosting tip to get the texture....and then we put them on display. awwww <3

oh and how could i forget the superbowl cupcakes we made? twas a sweet victory for the packers :)


  1. lol! These are just too cute! I especially love the monsters!

  2. THose love bugs are really amazing! I will surely make them on valentiens day, such a gret tip! I'm now following you and if you like my blog please do follow me back!

    Keep in touch // Swedish Fashionista

  3. GOOOOOD !!
    amazing cupcakes !!!
    check my blog ;)
    you can follow me if you want :)


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