Wednesday, May 9, 2012

love list.

1. anthro's ostra mesh chemise- this is gorgeous, no? i have not seen the dress in person yet, but if it's as gorgeous as it is on this model here, i will be swooning. i love how feminine it is...just read the description of it: 


Sweet Pea's gauzy, pansy-streaked frock is finished with drapey lace along the asymmetric hem, which hangs gracefully like bunches of frothy wisteria.
hellooo, who doesn't want to look like bunches of frothy wisteria while she walks around?!

2. natural bliss coffee creamer is ahhhmazing. i have a very sensitive stomach so i can't handle a lot of the artificial flavoring that's in most coffee creamers. then one day coffee-mate made my dreams come true by introducing their all natural coffee creamer. i am drinking the vanilla one in my coffee right now :)

3. how beautiful is this wall covered in vintage book pages? the project itself seems pretty simple too. click the credit to see how it's done!

annddd... here's one thing that i'm not loving so much:

1. my strained neck- i have no idea what i did to it, but it hurts. so. bad. im a little salty that it's preventing me from going running this week. then again, im not so salty that its preventing me from doing anything that's not lying down on lots of fluffy win some, you lose some. ahhh, but the fluffy pillows will be short lived just a few short hours it will be time for errand running and work. 

happy wednesday everyone! 


  1. Coffee Mate is a genius. No doubt about it. And I'm loving the anthro dress as well. Hope the neck gets better =)

  2. I want to look like Wisteria! That dress is Ah-mazing! Sorry about your neck...but enjoy those fluffy pillows!

  3. love the dress! xx

  4. I just got the anthro catalog and that dress is to swoon for!
    and yes... #2... oh heavens, that creamer.
    Happy wednesday to you too!

  5. oh goodness, that wall covered in old vintage book pages is absolutely perfect!!
    xo TJ


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