Wednesday, May 30, 2012

two year anniversary.

yesterday was our two year anniversary. we packed up our things and off we went on a little get-away...

before we left, my awesome momma brought us a basket full of goodies to take with us...fresh coffee, fresh bread, oil, strawberries, chocolate, and lots of other goodness. moms are the best. 

so we arrived at this adorable little place about an hour north of us. this place is a ministry to christian leaders and allows anyone in full time christian ministry to stay for FREE! we are blown away by the generosity of the couple who runs this ministry and how God has provided and blessed so many people through them. 

we met an awesome missionary couple from turkey who were staying there as well. once we got settled and walked around the gorgeous property (lots of land, several little ponds, a prayer chapel, trails, and a swimming pool!), we cooked dinner and ate pasta & fresh bread with bruschetta oil for dipping and ate outside. the weather was perfect. 

i was beyond thrilled when i saw that there was a gorgeous is this?! i may or may not have flipped over a few times... brian may or may not have laughed.

later last night we made these scrumptious goodies and watched some movies. 

we slept in this morning and spent the majority of our day here where we got lots of sunshine (and a little burnt ;), played a cross between water polo and football, and....

had a nerf gun fight! (which i won, btw...i'm just a teensy bit his defense, he kicks my butt at a lot of things.) here is boo loading his gun. 

i also have this new thing where when i wear vintage inspired swimsuits, red lipstick is a must, even if i'm just laying out at the pool...or playing football and having nerf gun fights...

i am so happy i married this man! the Lord is so good to me.

it was a perfect little get-away with a relaxing celebration...just what we wanted! 


  1. This looks perfect! I need a vintage swimsuit so I can wear red lipstick too. You are so cute!!!

  2. Happy Anniversary to you both! Vintage swimsuits are awesome BTW =)

  3. happy anniversary - hope you had an amazing time

  4. That's really neat they let christian leaders stay for free!

  5. happy 2nd anniversary! what a cool ministry and what a great place for you two to celebrate the love that God gave between you two. wishing you many more years of love, happiness and laughter

  6. what a lovely little getaway! and, oh man, that's so sweet to have a place for ministry couples to go - that is a HUGE blessing. i want to look up something like that for all the lovely marrieds in my life. happy [belated] anniversary!!

  7. i'm a bit late but congratulations :) :) lovely photos. the strawberries look amazing!


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