Monday, May 28, 2012

memorial weekend.

what a blast this weekend has been! friday night we went to one of our favorite date night spots: the loveland bike trail to eat and walk around. we ate on the patio of the works, an old firehouse that has been restored to a restaraunt. they have the best pizza and salads! 

dessert was at an old candy shop where they make their own candy and ice cream! we had a little birthday cake ice cream and boo got peanut butter chocolate bark, while i got dark chocolate bark with espresso beans...yum! 

we ended the evening with some more walking around the area and watching "the princess bride" at home. 

so friday was splendid and the rest of the weekend was filled to the brim with graduation parties, birthday parties, and memorial day parties. i always love memorial weekend because it officially feels like summer. i am so thankful to the soldiers who make the sacrifices they do for our country! happy memorial day everyone. 


  1. Dark chocolate espresso bark?! Ahh! I need to get me some of that! =D

  2. It sounds like you had a great weekend!! You look adorable!!

  3. yay for date night! What a fun weekend! Such happy smiles. ;)
    Kristina J.

  4. WOW, the dark chocolate expresso bark sounds AMAZING!

  5. We love that candy shop and the Works!! We need to do a Loveland double date next!

  6. i am absolutely in love with your hair in that photo! you two are so cute together!


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