Monday, April 1, 2013

Easter Sunday.

I hope everyone had a beautiful Easter Sunday! We had a quiet, intimate day, just the two of us (or "three" if we're including the kitty). We started the morning off at church and came home to do our Easter basket hunt. Every year we hide Easter baskets filled with candy for one another and every year it takes me forever to find mine, while that boo of mine finds his right away. Well this year we are living in a much smaller space, so finding creative hiding spots was much more challenging. And I am proud to say that for the first time, this lady right here found her basket first!
The Easter Bunny even brought something for our little Gunther! I wasn't sure if Gunther would be too interested in the things in his basket (let's face it, giving him a basket was more for our benefit and entertainment), but he really was! He spent a good while playing with a new toy and eating kitty treats :)
 I decided to splurge on an unhealthy dinner, being a holiday worthy of celebration and all ;) Lately we've been pretty strict with our diets throughout the week, eating plain chicken breasts and plain sautéed butters, cheeses, salts, or desserts. But for Easter, I made chicken cordon bleu, creamy corn, and other fresh veggies, with berry cobbler, and strawberry lemonade cupcakes with lime buttercream frosting (recipe to come). 

We have lots of leftovers, not to mention all of our Easter candy, so it may be awhile before the diet resumes ;) We are so blessed with all we have, but most of all for the life we have in Christ. His resurrection is the basis for how all believers ought to live out their lives. 

Happy Easter!! 


  1. Happy Easter to you Courtney! I'm glad that you two still do the Easter baskets... I mean is there ever an age where you're too old? I think not. =D

  2. What a perfect day! You look beautiful! And I can't wait for that recipe!


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