Wednesday, April 10, 2013

"i knew you were trouble when you walked in..."

"i knew you were trouble when you walked in..." yes, this is a song i frequently sing to my little guy. the other day i turned around and he was on top of our coat hanger... i scolded, "Gunther get down! but not until i get a picture!" he got down alright, but only because it toppled over from all his squirming :) oh how i love this kitty!  


  1. Hahahaha...what a little rascal. I love that you scolded then ran for your camera, totally what I do!

  2. oh my goodness. this is so cute. that bottom right corner is too much!!

  3. Hahaha thts Sooooo cute! <3 lol he is trouble huh? :)

  4. Love him!!! :) They are always so much fun with they are full of mischief. I grew up with a lap cat, so I would love to have a rambunctious one someday.
    I stopped over from Natalie's blog, and loved your post about our identity in Christ!


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